The DSP Kenya Project

Facilitating individuals living with disability in rural Kenya


Ellen's first trip to Kenya in 2010

The DSP Kenya Project is a fundraising initiative started by Ellen Leung, a Toronto based physiotherapist and member of the Kenya Working Group (KWG).   Partnered with the Disability Service Programme (DSP) in Nyanza Province, the KWG supports several initiatives including international clinical education for Canadian occupational therapy and physiotherapy students.   Through the KWG, Ellen has had the privilege to supervise Canadian students and also volunteer her clinical skills as a therapist.   Ellen  most recently returned from Kenya in February 2012, where she once again volunteered with the DSP while supporting two students from the University of British Columbia.  On this visit she witnessed the jeopardization of the long term viability of the DSP due to several economic and financial factors.   The very real threat of seeing the DSP cease to function prompted Ellen to begin fundraising to realize a longstanding sustainability idea developed by the DSP.

Mr. Carilus Okidi, Founder of the Disability Service Programme

The Disability Service Programme

Founded  in the 1990’s by local physiotherapist, Mr. Carilus Okidi, the Disability Service Programme (DSP)has been providing desperately needed rehabilitation services to individuals living throughout Nyanza Province.  As a nor-for-profit organization, the DSP provides those in need with physiotherapy, occupational therapy, vocational training, health education, and acquisition of mobility devices as resources allow.   Mr. Okidi is a well respected Kenyan physiotherapist who holds executive positions within the Government of Kenya Ministry of Health.  He has also been a speaker at the World Congress of Physical Therapy on two occasions.

To learn more about the DSP click here.

The Kenya Working Group

A subgroup of the International Centre for Disability and Rehabilitation (ICDR) at the University of Toronto, the KWG is an organization dedicated to clinical education and  service provision among other endeavours.  In partnership with the Disability Service Programme (DSP) the KWG has been sending Canadian physiotherapy and occupational therapy students to Nyanza Province in Western Kenya for clinical placements since 2004.

For more information please visit the KWG website.


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